Send Us Your Sad Recipe

My English teacher had seen Dead Poet’s Society a few times too many. We never got to rip the pages from our text books, but he would explain literature to us with an initial energy and optimism only matched by his final quiet frustration as we consistently failed to respond to his thorough explanations of Shakespeare and dramatic readings of literature we just didn’t care about.

But here, if you appreciate Sad Cookbook and would like to share a recipe, we’d love to read it and share it with other Sad Cookbook readers.

Please read the template below, and then send your recipes to

So you want to submit a recipe to Sad Cookbook*… 

We really appreciate you joining in the nutritious sadness community. To make our job (cause we have our own anxiety and depresh to deal with) and yours easier, here is a simple template to help you write your recipe. 

The title: Write it as uncomplicated as possible. Descriptive and using few words. -> e.g. either by type (salad, stew, soup and so on), or by ingredients -> e.g. x and x pasta. 4-5 words tops. 

Intro: We love this part because it’s a bit of gallows humour. Feel free to share your sad-funny stories about the recipe or anything else you might want. But! If you find the task of creating a short funny/ sad story too much pressure while going through the sads, then feel free to skip it and trust us to come up with something fun (or incredibly vulnerable, inappropriate and perhaps in the area of TMI).  

Ingredients: Just approximate them! You don’t have to get too specific, measure in cups or whatever. You can use ‘a handful of’ or a ‘pinch’, or ‘2 potatoes’, for instance. I think you’ll agree that for most recipes, quantities don’t matter that much. Or for stuff like rice, oats, lentils and such, you can say use a ‘quantity of rice’ and the same ‘quantity of water’ or ‘double the quantity of water and ‘such.  

Steps: Write them as plainly as possible. Simple, short sentences, no flourishes, so that beginners in the art of sad cooking don’t have to do extra research on what things mean. E.g. -> don’t say sautė or blanch, that’s just rude! Just describe what you have to do. ‘Saute the thing in butter’ can very well be ‘melt the butter in the pan, add the thing and let it cook for a few minutes, while stirring’. 

Our main goal is to make everything as simple as possible, done with minimum energy, cost and time. And if there are very few pots & pans used, that’s great as well! 

*this text was written while violently dunking my feelings in a tub of peanut butter ice cream…