About Sad Cookbook

What Is Sad Cookbook?

This is a collection of recipes curated for people suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic illness and all other types of health issues. Sometimes with a pinch of humor thrown in. (Because who hasn’t unhealthily developed a self-deprecating humor style to deflect from the existential pain of surviving every day, amirite? Anyone?)

The recipes we post require minimal energy and time to make. Most of them can be made without complicated kitchen equipment and will leave you with very few pots, pans and dishes to clean up afterwards. If you have a short healthy impulse to cook, you can just come here, pick something and give your brain some fast nutrients to do cognitive things with. You don’t have to have mad chef skills or too many available ingredients, and some of them can be changed to things that might just already be in your cupboard. The recipes are flexible like that and the quantities of things are not strict at all. Our idea is to reduce the pressure of performance that can come with anxiety and help you use your energy wisely. 

We know that people don’t experience physical health and mental health issues the same way. These recipes are tried and tested, either by us or our friends, so we are trying to cover a wide variety of experiences for sad or stressful times. 

> Accessibility, Use Of The Site

Abuse of any type to us or to other people on this website will absolutely not be tolerated. We aim to make SC accessible to as many people as possible and as respectful to your privacy as possible (link to privacy). Please don’t hesitate to send us any reports, questions or concerns to recipes@sadcookbook.recipes. 

Who Are We? Who Is Anyone Even?

We’re Ru (from Romania) and James (from the UK) and we’re in different countries right now. This means that some of the ingredients might be more accessible to you, wherever you might be, and some might be more expensive. In general, we try to make our recipes cheap, easy and hella healthy, but will probably have some ‘treat yo self’ moments in here as well. You can read our sad life stories here, if you’re not tired of this wall of text already.

Ru – ru@sadcookbook.recipes

Sad Cookbook came to me during the sad times I was working at a cooking website and my idea of a ‘meal’ was a to-go shawarma breakfast at 8pm, when the hangriness usually reached Hulk levels. I could hardly decide what to eat, nevermind the abstract concept of cooking when I had no energy to even get up from the couch. I was getting intimidated by reading recipes on cooking websites, because they seemed too complicated and too much work, so I’d just give up. 

James – james@sadcookbook.recipes

A while ago Ru and me both thought it was hilarious to write fake overly sentimental and personal recipe introductions and for me that was one of the things that catalysed SC into being – parody of the huge online cooking media stampede that’s happening right now combined with this lovely idea to make eating easier while you’re sad. I’ve had a pretty good dose of anxiety and depression through most, probably all of my adult life. I love cooking and experimenting with food and learning new things, but on the hard days, weeks, months it’s just really hard and it’s all too easy to go get a take-away or just eat a bowl of cereal or a bag of crisps, and in the low times things start to add up and eating that crap really affects my physical and mental health, making it even harder to eat good food. It’s a nasty cycle. I love the idea of SC; if it means a few people get to feel a little bit better by being able to make more healthy meals more easily when they’re feeling shitty, I’ll be super happy. I like it how it is and I’m also excited as we have a ton of ideas about extra things we can do – stuff like a little guide on how to get in and out of the supermarket fast when you can feel an anxiety attack coming on, or sharing together some of our bad food habits to see if it helps to talk about it with similar people with similar problems. 


We are not nutritionists, dietitians or doctors. So the recipes we publish here are not dietary or medical advice (sounds redundant, but it’s worth repeating). These are a few recipes that work for us and our friends and might work for you. These ideas for what to cook are also not a cure-all for depression, anxiety and other issues you might have. Our intention is for them to be helpful suggestions, nutritious support and nothing more. 

If you have any doubts or pre-existing medical conditions relating to what you eat, please check with your healthcare provider that the ingredients are good for you and are not putting you in any danger. 

We think that Sad Cookbook should be a place where you can leave at the door your worries about weight loss or your diet or societal pressure to look a certain way or eat a certain way. 

Share Your Stuff With Other Sad Cookers!

If you’ve read all of this and thought: ‘I have just the recipe in mind for this!’, please go here, to our Submit a Recipe page and send it to us! We will upload it with many thanks, just make sure to read the guidelines so that the recipe is easy to use for anybody who might need it. We reserve the right to choose what we post and we might not accept every submission coming our way and/ or edit submissions if we need them to be ‘more’ along the guidelines and feel of Sad Cookbook. If you are not okay with that, then don’t send us your stuff. 

If you don’t have any recipes we’d love to receive your support and constructive criticism and what you think of this project and the recipes we have so far. If you have any helpful, nice, constructive suggestions (don’t be too hard on Ru, she’s already going through enough!), please email us at recipes@sadcookbook.recipes. You can also tell us what a great job we’re doing! 

Privacy, Licensing, Legal Stuff

We share all the content on this website under the CC BY-NC-SA license. This means you’re free to use it anywhere and for anything as long as you don’t make financial profit from using our content and you must attribute ‘Sad Cookbook (https://sadcookbook.recipes)’ as the source. We have gone out of way to not integrate this website with Google or Facebook or any of their partners so they can not track you here, and we do not collect any personally identifiable information or track you at all.