Some nice carbs to help you forget how sad you are

  • Ingredients: 7
  • Pans: 2
  • Time until you can eat: 20 minutes
  • Energy required: medium

Broccoli and Mushroom Pasta

I thought I’d never been a huge fan of broccoli, but it turns out I wasn’t a big fan of my mother. Whenever she’d try to get me to eat my veggies, I just had to rebel against her in the only way I knew how. When yo momma yells at you, the fight, flight or freeze response got activated. Since then, I’ve realized that it wasn’t broccoli’s fault for my lack of appetite. These days, the brocc and I are happy together when I cook it with garlic and butter, add heavy cream, and use it to sauce up some al dente pasta. 


  • 1 third of a large broccoli floret
  • 4-5 button mushrooms
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 thin slice of butter
  • 2-3 tagliatelle nests (or a handful of your favorite pasta)
  • 2 spoons of heavy cream
  • A pinch of salt


  1. Rinse the broccoli and mushrooms in cold water.
  2. Chop the veggies in medium size chunks.
  3. Chop the garlic cloves in medium pieces. 
  4. Add the butter to a non-stick pan and melt it there. 
  5. Add the garlic to the pan, give the butter a few seconds to absorb its flavor. 
  6. Add the pieces of broccoli and mushrooms to the pan.
  7. Sprinkle some salt. 
  8. Cook the veggies for a few minutes, until they start to turn brown. 
  9. Bring some water to a boil in a medium pot. 
  10. When it boils, add the pasta and cook it for as long as it says on the package. 
  11. Drain the pasta. 
  12. Add the heavy cream over the veggies and stir. 
  13. Add the drained pasta over it, stir for a few seconds and turn the stove off. 

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